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Filegrant Enterprise


High-level encryption, dynamic control, easy guaranteed protection.

Enhanced File Protection

Advanced and flexible data protection.

Advanced encryption algorithms to ensure security when sharing files. Data are protected during transmission, files remain encrypted even if stored on remote servers.

File Viewing

A protected view allows to see files without risking data leaks. Useful for viewing sensitive documents that must not be duplicated or shared without authorization.

Universal Access Encryption

Revolutionary Encryption: File Extension Transformation for Universal Accessibility

Imagine a world where encryption not only secures your files but also makes them universally accessible without needing special decryption software.


With this groundbreaking technology, an encrypted file, such as an MP3 or Office File, can have its extension changed to a PDF.


This means you can open the file on any device without hassle.

By merging security with accessibility, we eliminate the need for dedicated decryption apps, simplifying how encrypted files are managed and accessed globally


Anti-Screen Capture White Label

Prevent unauthorized copying or distribution

This technology prevents screen capture to protect sensitive information, blocking print screen, snipping tools, and screen grabs during video conferences and document projections. Additionally, clients can have a personalized (white label) viewer branded for their company and users.


AI Infringement

IP Protection from
Artificial Intelligence

Filegrant Enterprise prevents third-party AI systems such as Copilot or ChatGPT from learning from your content, protecting your copyright and intellectual property.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Secure Exchange
and Collaboration

Perfect integration with Microsoft 365, to exchange and edit Office files securely, to work with sensitive documents in a secure environment, without risking data integrity.


Protection for Audio and Video Content

Protection of multimedia content. This protection extends from WAV and MP3 files to MOV and MP4 files, safeguarding them against attempts to capture the multimedia stream through browsers.


Files can be quickly encrypted and secured via a simple API call.

No Copying,

Editing, Printing

Disables or limits functions used to modify, share and print documents.

No Passwords
or Plugins

Passwords can be cracked, Plugins are not secure and can put system at risk.


Immediately revokes access to content, even after it has been distributed.


Sets expiration date after a number of views, prints or a specified period.

Automatic Doc

Protects files with offline encryption, ensuring access only for authorized users.


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Monetize your digital assets

Selling Files Without
an e-commerce System

Sale of encrypted files such as financial research or scientific data. You can earn money by encrypting and selling files through the platform, without any e-commerce.

Ideal Platform
for Publishers

Supporting publishers who want to sell exclusive content or preview news. They can distribute content in a safe and controlled way, seizing the opportunity to monetize their work.

Selling platform powered by


Don’t put your work at risk!

Filegrant Enterprise is ready to protect anything.

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