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Key Stakeholders in Secure File Sharing for Law Firms

Legal Document Control

Law firms have specific needs to ensure client confidentiality and must implement efficient administrative processes. Large-scale document management and security systems designed for big corporations often don't suit smaller practices. These firms frequently need to share documents externally with minimal hassle for both clients and colleagues accessing them. Additionally, smaller law firms benefit from flexible, user-friendly solutions that integrate seamlessly with their existing workflows, allowing them to maintain high standards of security and efficiency without the complexity of larger systems.



Need to share legal documents with colleagues, clients, and other parties involved in cases.

Administrative Staff

Responsible for managing documents, archiving, and securely sharing them both internally and externally.


Must be able to securely access legal documents related to their cases.


Often handle documents and information on behalf of attorneys and need secure access.

External Collaborators

Consultants, experts, and other professionals who may need access to legal documents to provide their input.

IT and Security Personnel

The technical team that implements and manages the file sharing system, ensuring it is secure and compliant with relevant regulations.

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Collaborative Document Editing with Final Lock

Allow collaboration on documents, then lock the final version to prevent any further changes, maintaining document integrity.

Limit Access to Assigned Attorneys and Staff

Restrict document access to only the attorneys and staff assigned to a case, ensuring confidentiality and security.

Time-Limited Sharing of Discovery Materials

Share discovery materials on a time-limited basis, ensuring they are only accessible for a specific period.

Page-Level Access Tracking

Track access at the page level, providing detailed insights into who viewed which parts of a document and when.

Document Revocation After Distribution

Revoke access to documents after external distribution, either for some or all recipients, to maintain control over sensitive information.

Screen Capture Prevention in Videoconferences

Present legal documents during videoconferences with technology that prevents screen capture, ensuring sensitive information cannot be recorded or shared.




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