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Ensuring Secure Distribution for the Music Industry

Safe Music Production

For record labels, controlling and protecting music files at every stage of production is crucial. Whether dealing with pre-production demos, mixes, or the final mastered tracks, safeguarding these assets is essential to prevent unauthorized distribution and piracy. Until a song is officially released on platforms like Spotify, it remains at risk of being leaked or distributed without authorization.


Artists and Songwriters

Securely store and share music ideas using encryption and secure cloud services


Use encrypted storage and secure transfer protocols during recording and file sharing.

Session Musicians

Use file-protected links and encrypted file-sharing for session files.

A&R Representatives

Implement secure submission portals for demo uploads to prevent unauthorized access.

External Contractors

Require access to specific documents related to their contracts and projects while maintaining security protocols.

Public Relations

Share official statements, press releases, and other public communications internally before external distribution.

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Pre-Release Distribution for Marketing and Reviews

Marketing teams use secure, watermarked, time-limited links to distribute pre-release tracks to prevent leaks and track access.

Secure Sharing of Songs Before Official Release

Before official release, securely share songs with stakeholders using encrypted, watermarked tracks and controlled access to prevent leaks and ensure proper review.

Remote Session Work with Session Musicians

Session musicians use encrypted file transfers and secure authentication to exchange high-resolution audio files remotely.

Secure Collaboration During Production

Artists, producers, and engineers need encrypted file-sharing to ensure only authorized access and version control during collaboration.


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