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Filegrant Enterprise


A smooth and intuitive User Experience without compromising on safety.

Browser-Based Viewing

Safeguarding Content
in the Browser

It allows to view files via browser, without downloading or opening files in external apps. It reduces data leakage and protects the original content from theft or unauthorized copying.


Users can access protected files on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a web browser. This feature ensures that access to important data is always guaranteed.


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Cross-Platform Compatibility

Support for
All Popular Browsers

Designed to be compatible with all major web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Users can access protected files regardless of their preferred browser.

Mobile Device

Platform optimized for all mobile devices. Users can work on protected files even on the move. Precious, in an age where on-the-go access is a necessity of daily work.


Comprehensive File Protection

of File Types

Comprehensive protection for multiple file types, such as text, audio and video documents, images and PDFs. Regardless of the format, a wide range of data can be protected.

Seamless Integration
with File Formats

Integration with many file formats. Every user can work with their favorites without any compromise on security or functionality, maintaining quality and integrity of files while sharing.


Don’t put your work at risk!

Filegrant Enterprise is ready to protect anything.

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