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Protecting Sensitive Information in Industrial Companies

Protecting Copyrighted Content

Controlling copyrighted works is essential for today's publishers. Document-based content, such as newsletters, journals, and certain types of book publishing, requires a different approach to security. Unlike newspapers and similar products where articles frequently appear and change, reasearches, technical book, ebook information needs to be protected at the document level. This ensures its security regardless of distribution method, including after it has been sold. This approach is crucial for maintaining control over copyrighted works in the digital age and mitigating risks of unauthorized distribution.



Share manuscripts, drafts, and revisions securely with editors and publishers.


Review and edit documents, ensuring that the content is securely shared with authors, proofreaders, and designers.


Manage the distribution of final content to printers, distributors, and digital platforms while maintaining document security.


Access digital books and eBooks, requiring secure distribution methods to protect copyrighted material from unauthorized sharing and piracy.


Access drafts and final versions of content for review and proofreading, ensuring document security throughout the process.


Share promotional materials, press releases, and marketing plans internally and with external partners securely.

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Securely Distribute One-Time Content

Distribute sensitive content securely for limited-time access, protecting intellectual property.

Manage Subscription and Renewal

Handle subscriptions and renewals at user, document, and device levels for seamless access and compliance.

Fulfill Single-Copy Sales via eCommerce

Enable secure eCommerce transactions for single-copy digital content sales with immediate delivery.

Implement DRM for eBooks

Use DRM to protect eBooks from unauthorized copying and distribution.

Segment Content into Collections

Organize digital content into collections or subscriptions for better content discovery and user engagement.

Offer Multi-Format

Provide eBooks in multiple formats (ePub, PDF) to accommodate different reading devices and preferences.


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