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Protecting Sensitive Information in Public Sector

Securing Public Documents

In the public sector, control over documents is vital to the proper functioning of government. No part of the world information economy is more reliant upon the management of digital resources, especially documents. Everything from administrative memoranda to mission-critical instructions must now be distributed and maintained in digital form. However, digital documents can more easily escape from proper channels than their analog predecessors, and if exfiltrated, can propagate more widely and rapidly.


Government Officials

Share policy documents, legislative drafts, and strategic plans with colleagues and other departments.

Administrative Staff

Handle day-to-day documents, including memos, reports, and correspondence, ensuring they are securely shared and stored.

Compliance Officers

Monitor and ensure that document sharing practices comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Legal Advisors

Share confidential legal documents, advice, and case files securely with other legal professionals and departments.

External Contractors

Require access to specific documents related to their contracts and projects while maintaining security protocols.

Public Relations

Share official statements, press releases, and other public communications internally before external distribution.

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Time-Limited Access for Contractors

Provide temporary access to necessary documents for contractors and external partners.

Controlled Access to Sensitive Documents

Restrict access to sensitive government documents to authorized officials only.

Prevent Screen Capture of Classified Information

Utilize technology to block screen capture during the sharing of classified information in meetings or video conferences.

Secure Handling of Citizen Data

Ensure the secure handling and storage of citizen data using encryption and controlled access mechanisms.

Audit Trails for Compliance

Maintain detailed audit trails of document access and modifications to ensure compliance with regulations.

Role-Based Access Control

Implement role-based access control to ensure that only specific roles within the government agency can access certain documents.




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