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Filegrant Enterprise


The smartest solution to protect, share and sell your digital documents.

Our security formula

of Use

Upload, encrypt and share files in a simple way.


Get full encryption applied to all your documents.


Always choose who have access, when and how.


Earn money directly selling encrypted files.


Advanced and flexible data protection.

Complete solution for protecting and sharing digital documents. It also allows the sale of files in a simple way, without any dedicated e-commerce.

High-level encryption, secure file viewing, access revocation and anti-screen capture. Integration with Microsoft 365 for browser editing.

A smooth and intuitive user experience.

Filegrant Enterprise stands out for its accessibility and compatibility, supporting the viewing of protected files on every browser and mobile device. It guarantees secure access to data, anytime and anywhere.

Fast as WeTransfer

Filegrant Enterprise is an innovative platform designed to streamline file sharing with the speed and ease of WeTransfer. Many organizations rely on WeTransfer for quick data sharing due to the complexities and policies surrounding SharePoint. However, this convenience comes at a cost.

WeTransfer Security Gaps

Once a file is downloaded from WeTransfer, it is no longer protected, and there's no container of sent or received files. This can lead to repeated file transfers, local storage clutter, and increased vulnerability to endpoint attacks on PCs or smartphones.

Filegrant VS Others

Filegrant Enterprise addresses these issues by providing a secure and efficient file-sharing solution that maintains a comprehensive history of all sent and received files. This ensures data integrity and reduces the risk associated with local file storage, combining the best of both worlds—speed and security.


Compliance with the highest standards.

The architecture is based on Azure and meets international security and privacy standards, including GDPR compliance.

APIs facilitate integration with existing document systems, allowing companies to enhance security without changing their IT infrastructure.


Don’t put your work at risk!

Filegrant Enterprise is ready to protect anything.

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