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Protecting Sensitive Information in Industrial Companies

Securing Industrial Knowledge

Industrial companies rely heavily on best practices, much of which is documented. Standard IT security can protect files within the company, but only document-level DRM can prevent an authorized user from intentionally leaking a file to an unauthorized user. Internal sharing of information is crucial, but disclosing it to competitors can be highly detrimental. Even within the organization, certain documents must be restricted to specific departments, groups, or individuals.



Share designs, blueprints, and technical documentation with team members and suppliers.

Production Workers

Need access to technical specifications, operational instructions, and maintenance manuals.

Executive Management

Share financial reports, strategic plans, and other sensitive information with board members and investors.

Research and Development

Exchange ideas, projects, and research findings securely to protect intellectual property.

Quality Assurance Managers

Need to access and share quality reports, certifications, and audit documents securely.

Suppliers and Partners

Require access to technical specifications, production orders, and other relevant documents for collaboration.

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Secure Collaboration on Prototyping

Facilitate secure collaboration on prototyping projects by allowing multiple stakeholders to work on documents simultaneously.

Control Access to Design Files

Implement strict access controls to ensure only authorized personnel can open sensitive design files, protecting intellectual property and proprietary information.

Time-Limited Access to Supplier Information

Share discovery materials on a time-limited basis, ensuring they are only accessible for a specific period.

Page-Level Access Tracking

Track access at the page level, providing detailed insights into who viewed which parts of a document and when.

Revoke Access to Distributed Manufacturing Specifications

Revoke access to documents after external distribution, either for some or all recipients, to maintain control over sensitive information.

Prevent Screen Capture of Design Blueprints

Utilize technology to prevent screen capture during videoconferences when sharing design blueprints.




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